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European Draughts Confederation

Office: Cukrowa 49/1, 71-004 Szczecin PL, tel +48 91 4358382, fax +48 91 4882288 e-mail edc@edc.org.pl




  1. European Championship 2002 will be played in two stages:

a.        Semifinal (Open tournament for everybody) – RIGA (Latvia) 5-12 of June

b.       Final with 32 competitors -  DOMBURG (Holland) 4-22 of November

                                           i.    1). European Champion from 99 (Mr. H.Wiersma)

                                         ii.    2). Actual World Champion  (Mr. A.Tshizov)

                                        iii.    3). Organising country (Royal Dutch Federation)

                                       iv.    4). Sponsor place

                                         v.    5). extra place for semifinal organisator (Latvian Federation)

                                       vi.    6). ... One player per country which is OK to FMJD (on the 1st day of Semifinal !)

                                      vii.    ... - 32). According to Challange Europa reults




Andreiko Memorial Tournament

from  5.– 12.06. 2002. (Arrival day 4.06. )


2.        The condition of participation is to send EDC application to 10th May 2002.

3.        Entrance fee is 80 Ђ.

4.        Tournament will be played in 9 round swiss system (in case of large number of participants, main referee, in consultation with EDC and organisator, will have ability to increase number of rounds, but in any case amount of rounds won't be more than 3 rounds in two successive days).

5.        In settling places decides FMJD rules applying to swiss system tournaments.

6.        Time control is 2h on 50 moves and 1h on the rest of the game.

7.        The participants will play in the Riga’s center – in Latvian Congress Hall.

8.        The participant hospitality from 9 – 25$ (on average 15 $), it will depend from their desires. Of course, we can offer also better places for higher price. Tournament organizers only for participants will partially disburse the hotel expenses – 20%. 

9.        Everyone, who wants can receive the placing in Jurmala (if yes, then inform us before the time). In the summer time Jurmala is very beautiful and participants can stay there before or after tournament to take a rest for their own expenses.  


Those persons or players who will need a visa, I will need their name, surname, to make it trough the Foreign office.  As soon as possible I will wait for the tournament participant list. Janis Lelis e-mail:  kaiva@mail.lv Phone: +371 9556340  +371 7227840




from  5– 22.11. 2002. (Arrival day 4.11. )


10.     The diagram of Championship carrying out is presented separately.

11.     Terms of indyvidual runds:

a.        Arrival November 4th

b.       1st round (with 32 players) 5-6 th of November

c.        2nd round (with 32 players) 7-8th of November

d.       3rd round (with 24 players)  9-10th of November

e.        4th round (with 16 players) 11-12th of November

f.         final rounds (with 8 players) 14-21 of Nvember

12.     Players layout (start numbers). Before tournament begining main referee will draws up ranking list of participants. Players with numbers 1-8 on ranking list draw start numbers 1-8, these with numbers 9-16 draw numbers 9-16 and so on...

13.     Number drawing is carried out again before final. Players, with 4 highest ranking draw between themselves numbers 1-4, the others 5-8.

14.     Matches for I/II and VII/VIII places consist of 4 games, other matches of 2.

15.     In all matches in case of draw, not earlier than 20 min (will be announced by main referee before 1st round) after game end, extra-time game is played. Rules of extra-time game:

a.        2 games 20min + 10 sec on move (Fischer clock)

b.       In case of draw game is continued with time control 5 min + 5 sec to first victory.

c.        If 4 next 5 min + 5 sec on move games are draw, the deciding game is played. In deciding game the colour is drawed. White have 5 min + 5 sec, black - 3 min + 5 sec. In case of draw, deciding game wins the player, who played with black.




Playing Schedule



(5-6 Nov)    (7-8 Nov)              (9-10 Nov)             (11-12 Nov) 

a. 01-32     A. winner a - winner b [winners A/H are free]

b. 17-16     B. winner c - winner d


c. 02-31     C. winner e - winner f

d. 18-15     D. winner g - winner h


e. 03-30     E. winner i - winner j Q. loser A – winner J     winner A - winner X

f. 19-14     F. winner k - winner l R. loser B - winner I     winner B - winner W


g. 04-29     G. winner m - winner n S. loser C - winner L     winner C - winner V

h. 20-13     H. winner o - winner p T. loser D - winner K     winner D - winner U


i. 05-28     I. loser a - loser b      U. loser E - winner N     winner E - winner T

j. 21-12     J. loser c - loser d      V. loser F - winner M     winner F - winner S


k. 06-27     K. loser e - loser f      W. loser G - winner P     winner G - winner R

l. 22-11     L. loser g - loser h      X. loser H - winner O     winner H - winner Q


m. 07-26     M. loser i - loser j

n. 23-10     N. loser k - loser l


o. 08-25     O. loser m - loser n

p. 24-09     P. loser o - loser p          [losers I/P go home]





(14-15 Nov)  (16-17 Nov)               (18-19 Nov)            (21-22 Nov) 

                                       match for I/II place (4 games)

a. 1-8       A. winner a – winner b    E. winner A – winner B   

b. 2-7       B. winner c – winner d

                                                              match for III/IV place

c. 3-6       C. loser a  - loser b     F. winner C – loser B  I. winner F – winer G 

d. 4-5       D. loser c  - loser d     G. winner D – loser A  match for V/VI place

                                                              J. loser G – loser F

                                       match for VII/VIII place (4 games)

                                       H. loser C – loser D (




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