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Committee For International Problemism (CPI FMJD)


S.de Bruijn
Secretary of CPI FMJD.


(the article is written for "FMJD Almanac", October, 2001)

     The present-day CPI originated in 1987, as the autonomous Section SPI, from an initiative of FMJD's president P. Roozenburg. The central functions were at first occupied by D. Douwes (president) and R. Fourgous (secretary). Among their achievements are the formulation of the internal rules of the SPI, of the conditions of the acknowledgement of concourses due to national or local initiatives, and of the criteria for awarding the titles of Master and Grandmaster of Composition. And as early as 1988 the SPI organised the first of its biannual compostion concourses.
     A complication in the organisation of international concourses was the fact, that in the countries of the leading problemists (France, the USSR and the Netherlands) the criteria for acceptable compositions showed minor differences. As a practical solution, the least severe of the existing alternatives was adopted from one concours to another. Though this policy was not satisfactory in the long run, there have been worse emergency measures, and the few complications were ably handled by a balanced composition of the juries, with members from Eastern and Western Europe. Still, the formulation of International Rules was from the outset part of the program of the SPI. A further rule, too self-evident to be written, implied that all jury members had access to all comments concerning technical shortcomings and lack of originality, for whose exchange the organiser was responsible. Nothing much changed, when the present author took over the function of president in 1989. SPI members were mainly occupied by participation in the work involved in each other's concourses, and rejoiced in the emergence of a respectable group of title holders - in all cases men whose reputation fully justified a formal recognition as Master or Grandmaster, on the basis of compositions which had been submitted anonymously.
     When I resigned as president in 1997, there were two candidates for the succession: S. Yushkevich, supported by the SPI, and E. Zubov, of whose candidacy I became first aware when the election was the item under discussion during a GA meeting. I advocated a vote in favour of Yushkevich, in view of the constant quality of his frequent earlier cooperation in SPI activities, whereas Zubov's career was characterised by the alternation of periods of impressive activity with seasons of unfulfilled promises. The GA elected Zubov, and unfortunately a major part of his term in office coincided with one of the latter phases. The only item in his program to be approximately realised was the institution of a World Cup, to be awarded to the winner of a cycle of four concourses. Of the organisers concerned, the Frenchman A. Tavernier and the Lithuanian A. Kaciuska performed the work for their traditional concourses in accordance with the established standards, but there are misgivings about the weight to be assigned to the two concourses organised by Zubov. Restricting myself to the established facts, I note in both cases an unaccountable delay of about two years. Problems submitted for FMJD-1998 were judged by a badly unbalanced, entirely Eastern, jury, and all SPI members were ignorant of proceedings and development, from the publication of the concours rules until the appearance of the results. In Shashechniy Mir 1998-1999 there is evidence of carelessness, and it is next to impossible that all comments were equally available to all jury members. Also, for the first time a number of disputed items was left unresolved.
     In the mean time Zubov indicated his intention to resign from the presidency, and the CD and the SPI agreed about the necessity to find a successor in Eastern Europe. They were happy to learn, that Yushkevich was once more prepared to assume the duties of a president. Later, with the support of Moscow problemists and officials, Zubov proposed V. Matus as his candidate, stating at the same time, that a second candidate, not supported by the SPI president, would be unacceptable - a rather radical change of mind in the light of the preludes to his own election. The controversy took on a personal aspect, when Yushkevich expressed his doubts concerning the correctness of Zubov's course of action with respect to his own concourses. Nevertheless, Yushkevich's qualities and a sense of moral obligation resulted in an unanimous vote in favour of his presidency. This occurred during the GA of 18-19 August 2001, which also transformed the section SPI into the committee CPI.
     At present, the CPI is not yet sure, in how far the results of the World Cup Tournament can be confirmed. Moreover, most of the members' attention is given to the future as outlined in the program of their president. At last, several times a week messages are sent and received about a variety of items, ranging from an update of the internal procedures of the committee to more fascinating subjects, such as the formulation of international composition rules, a World Championship for Problem Solvers, and a Composition Tournament for National Teams.


President of CPI FMJD.


(the complete text of the article published in the shorted version in "De problemist", Netherland, December, 2001)

     НAt GA FMJD in August, 2001 the Comission du problemism international (CPI FMJD) was created as successor of Section of problemism international (SPI). I was nominated at the post of President of CPI FMJD according to initiative of SPI members S.de Bruijn (Netherlands) and A.Tavernier (France) while the second candidat - V.Matus (Russia) - was nominated by former SPI President E.Zubov (Russia). After election and vote GA has appointed me at the post of President of CPI FMJD.
     The first intention of mine is: the creation Rules International (RI) of problemisme for CPI FMJD competitions. As to my opinion, the difference between rules of Netherlands, France and former USSR much more less than ressemblance. Therefore, there are organized two technical commissions: for problems and for endgames. The work was began, and I hope, in soon future the result will appear, at least for problems.
     Since September 2001 CPI FMJD has checked the history of concourses from the beginning of SPI activity. There were made two tables: Table of winners and Table of master-points, which are proposed to attention of readers. Also the work for The Statutes of CPI FMJD was began.
     What is problemism? The art? The science? The sport? From my point of view, problemism is the art - for soul, the science - for intellect, but problemism is not the sport: the sport takes, at least, two man while the creation of problem is a very individual action. But problemism became as sport, if problemism is used as means.
     Is it good? Yes, of course. The competition is the stimulus, the challenge. In most cases, the most part pf problemists keep the clearness of intentions and actions, having participated in competitions as participants or jury-members. And every concours brings something new, making the positif impression as to problemism in eyes of all draught world.
     But, to my regret, the impression negatif could appear during last half year. And it is concerned with a very intensive, I would say, agressive actions of former SPI President E.Zubov both as to election of CPI President and to his own invention: so called "Worldcup 98/99"("WC"). I consider E.Zubov as exeptionally talented problemist, and it is so pity that he has offered big part of his power and his passion out of the creation of new brilliant problems. The truth about election of CPI President was written by S.de Bruijn in FMJD-Almanac (October, 2001). Now it is time to say the truth about "WC". Too long time people were disinformed.
     So called "WC" is the name given by E.Zubov for cycle some concourses in genres "Problems" and "Endgames". "WC" was invented by E.Zubov after his appointment at the post of President of SPI in 1997. There were indicated four concourses in "WC"-program(see Russian draught-magazine "Shashechnyi mir"(SM), N 1, 199, page50):
     1. FMJD-98
     2. Concours of SM
     3. LIETUVA-1999/2000
     4. FFJD-1999/2000.
     In general it was not bad idea, but the realization of idea was far from civilized standarts.
     Perhaps, the program of "WC" was confirmed by CD or GA, it is not known for me. But it is known for me, that the full regulations of "WC" were not published. The short regulations of "WC" (five articles) were published only in Russian text,in SM, N 1, 1999, with the permission to insert changing and precisions until 01.06.1999.
     Does exist the full regulations of "WC", let even not published, but, at least, considered and confirmed by SPI? No, it does not exist. The full project of these regulations was sent to all participants of FMJD-98 together with the positions of FMJD-98 in the beginning of 1999. But it was not both considered and confirmed by SPI for the reason simple: since time when E.Zubov was appointed at the post of SPI-President in 1997 till spring of 2001 SPI did not work. The Secratary of SPI, Mr.S.de Bruijn(Netherland) had not work's contact with the SPI-President, the two other members of SPI, Mrs. A.Kaciuska(Lithuania) and A.Tavernier(France) have learned that they are members of SPI in the spring of 2001(according to their e-mail letters). That is fact.
     The question principal is: by which way is concerned the invention of E.Zubov -"WC"- with SPI activity? The answer simple is: no way, in spite of the fact that "WC" was announced from the name of SPI. I quote two articles from these short regulations published in SM in my translation from Russian.
     Article 1: "The section SPI FMJD carry out "WC..." etc.
     This is the lie N 1. SPI did not work in that time(see above). Is E.Zubov himself equal of SPI? No, he is not.
     Article N 4: "According to result of "WC" the title "worldchampion" will be awarded for winners both personal and team scores."
     And this is the lie N 2. There is no mention in SPI-regulations that SPI has right to award such title, and, by the way, to organize " WC". For "WC" would be legal it should before to change SPI-regulations.
     So, E.Zubov DE FACTO and DE JURE only USED the name of SPI. E.Zubov himself understood it perfectly: in his e-mail from 25.08.2001 he did not indicate both CPI FMJD, and CD FMJD and GA FMJD as the instance which have to confirm this "WC".
     As consequence of everything written, what about one may to speak? The results of LIETUVA-1999/2000, FFJD-1999/2000, and FMJD-98 in category "C" were confirmed by CPI FMJD without changing. The results of FMJD-98 in "A" and "B" categories were confirmed without any judgement of the one member of jury - N.Irzhavsky for the reason: N.Irzhavsky is cousin of the one of participant - V.Matus. Main arbiter of FMJD-98 E.Zubov knew about their relationship, because the information was published in bulletin DAMCOMPOSITIE, N 1, 1991, page 1(main editor - E.Zubov). And we could see that exactly the N.Irzhavsky's judgement gave for V.Matus two clear first places in "A" and "B" categories.
     As to my opinion, the acception of this situation could not be possible without special consideration and vote. Therefore, this situation was considered in CPI. The vote was made in full correspondence with SPI Regulations, and, thus, the precedent of THE FAMILY JUDGEMENT was not created.
     As it concerned with "WC"-result in total, the consideration is out of question, because, first of all, does not exist the object for consideration: considered and confirmed by SPI full regulations of "WC". If there is no regulations confirmed - there is no competition.
     Having used the name of SPI FMJD, E.Zubov has disinformed people by annoncation that "WC" is concerned with SPI FMJD, but SPI is not responsible for this fraud.
     As to CPI FMJD activity in future, there are some projects, about which I will not say now. I believe, it is more fruitful to sy not about of project, but about of work done.

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